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Art Show Artists visiting this website to investigate Luis Enrique Gutierrez or Santiago Gutierrez take note:

NICA Ceramic Art is a celebration of the individual cultural ceramic artisans of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.

This website is not intended for and does not indicate in any way that the artwork made by Luis Enrique or Santiago is a collaboration or community effort or certainly not a factory of production.

All artists on this site are generational potters who work in their own family workshops and elaborate their own one of a kind clay sculptures.

Luis Enrique Gutierrez and Santiago Gutierrez have traveled, shared and worked in the US over the past

12 years within a cultural exchange program which allows them to share their own cultural pottery sculptures.

By citing as a resource to delegitimize either of these fine cultural potters in any way is abusing this site and it’s intention to open the world up to the Nicoyan Indian heritage and the cultural potters of the San Juan de Oriente community who keep it alive.

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