Paul's 2016 Nicaragua Tour - Two New Dates!

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On this 9-day, 8-night Nicaraguan vacation, former Peace Corps Volunteer and founder of NICA Ceramic Art, Paul Devoti, will lead you through a exciting cultural and ecological guided tour of San Juan de Oriente, Granada, San Juan de Sur, and the volcanic island of Ometepe, Nicaragua.

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Trip #1 November 30 - December 8, 2016

Trip #2 December 10 - December 18, 2016


$1,895 per person (double occupancy, $2250 per person for single occupancy)

  • $250 reservation fee per person required

    • Reserve one of the 10 available spaces now!

    • Double occupancy accommodations are ideal for couples or friends.

    • Reservation fee is refundable if the vacant spot is filled, otherwise it is transferable to a future NICA Tour.

  • $1,645 ($2,000 for single occupancy) balance due by October 15, 2016


  • Includes:

    • Double occupancy hotel accommodations with breakfast (8 nights)

    • Private air-conditioned tour van with driver

    • Professional bilingual tour guide Paul Devote and assistants

    • Activities

      • 4 boat tours

      • Demonstrations

      • Entry into museums

      • Water and drinks on travel excursions

  • Does NOT Include:

    • Airfare to Managua

    • Lunch

    • Dinner

    • Tips

    • Gift and craft purchases

What People are Saying About Paul's Nicaragua Tour:

“What a great trip! Paul and Mar were excellent guides, and being a small-group tour it was like we were part of their family! It was a great experience to be able to meet and interact with the potters. Beautiful country. We experienced volcanoes, waterfalls, tropical forests, small villages, lovely colonial towns.”  Cyn Lightbody - New Jersey

"Tom and I had the most amazing time on Paul's Nicaragua Tour in December. Paul and Mar were wonderful tour guides who took care of every tiny detail to insure that everyone had a wonderful time. The places that they selected for us to visit were very diverse and interesting and we got to see many unusual aspects of the country such as pottery making exhibits in the village of San Juan de Oriente and  sea turtles laying eggs at night on the beach. Both Paul and Mar have a deep love of Nicaragua and they are able to convey that love to all of us on the tour. All of the places that we stayed, the sites that we saw, the food that we ate, the people that we met, were wonderful. We plan to go back with Paul and Mar and would urge anyone who is interested in experiencing the beautiful country of Nicaragua to go on one of their tours."   Rita & Tom Lauer - Beverly Hills, MI

"My husband and I have traveled a lot, and we found this trip to be the most amazing combination of adventures we've ever had.  The food was delicious and the accommodations were varied and excellent. The people of Nicaragua are warm and welcoming and the scenery is breathtaking. The activities were as challenging or as relaxing as each individual wanted and the pottery of the region is a well-kept secret that took our breath away.  Paul and Mar worked tirelessly to make sure each of us was comfortable, entertained, and taken care of.  A great tour!"

Barb (and John) West - Florida

Additional Details:

Initial accommodations are set up in
Granada, Nicaragua. Founded in 1524, Grenada is the oldest colonial city in the mainland Americas. After spending three nights in Granada at the Hotel Plaza Colon, visiting the pottery pueblo of San Juan de Oriente, exploring the volcanic islands in the Great Lake Nicaragua, and touring the city, the group will travel to Orquidea Del Sur on the Pacific coast.Paul will meet you at the airport in Managua to take you on a 9-day, 8-night guided tour. Paul has collaborated with the indigenous potters of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua and his tour is a unique behind-the-scenes interactive experience with the master artisans of the pueblo.

Orquidea Del Sur is a private guest house 13 kilometers south of the fishing town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. A 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence winner, this incredible venue is an oasis integrated into the natural surroundings and boasts a private beach, an infinity whirlpool, and a relaxing outdoor pool that was recently selected as a Top 10 Cool Pool by After a sunset sail and time to swim, explore, and relax, it’s off to the volcanic island of Ometepe.

Ometepe, the largest island inside a lake in the world, is a marvel anchored to two dormant volcanoes. The rare land mass in the lake was a ceremonial center for ancient people for at least 4000 years. We will visit the El Ceibo cultural museum collection of over 1800 ancient objects and meet founder Moises Ghitis.

The group will stay on the island of Ometepe for two nights at Hotel Villa Paraíso, located between the two volcanos on a four kilometer beach. This is the perfect environment to relax, walk the shores, and see the amazing views that Ometepe has to offer. We will travel to the south end of Ometepe to visit the dormant Volcan Maderas (Maderas Volcano). Starting at the nature reserve (Reserva de Biosfera) outside of San Ramon, we will hike from the rainforest into the gorge which reveals the 200 ft waterfall that overflows from the lagoon inside of the volcano crater.

We will depart from the Hotel Villa Paraíso and take the ferry back to the mainland where we will return to San Juan de Oriente to visit our pottery friends and the artisan market at Masaya. The last night will be spent in Granada where we spent our first three nights. We will have a relaxing final dinner at one of the many restaurants in Granada and then will return to the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport (MGA) for the trip home.

Not ready to go home? Special arrangements to extend your trip on your own can be arranged.

Concerned about safety? In 2013, Nicaragua was ranked the second safest country in Latin America by the United Nations. You can read about misconceptions and safety tips on TripAdvisor.

Questions? Email the founder of NICA Ceramic Art, Paul Devoti at

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Full Itinerary

Accommodations: Hotel Plaza Colon, Granada

Tour #1  Wednesday, Nov 30    Tour #2  Saturday December 10th
  • travel to Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport (MGA)
  • early arrivals will visit the Masaya Volcano en route to Granada - arrival at the hotel and intro to the Colonial City of Granada
Tour #1 Thursday, December 1                        Tour #2 Sunday, December 11
  • Breakfast at Hotel Plaza Colon
  • Morning: travel to the pottery pueblo of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua to visit the work shops of master artisans working in pre-Columbian and contemporary techniques
  • Lunch on the lookout over the Laguna de Apoyo
  • Afternoon:
    • coiled pottery demo and further visits around San Juan de Oriente
    • travel back to Granada
  • Dinner in Granada
  • Evening: relaxation
Tour # 1 Friday, December 2       Tour # 2   Monday, December 12
  • Breakfast at Hotel Plaza Colon
  • Morning:
    • travel to the port of Granada
    • boat tour of the tropical Isletas de Granada
      • beautiful views of wildlife and volcanoes
  • Lunch on a private island
  • Afternoon:
    • travel back to Hotel Plaza Colon
    • casual walking tour of Granada
      • plethora of churches, museums, and colonial architecture
  • Dinner in Granada
  • Evening: relaxation

Accommodations: la Orquidea Del Sur, a private guest house built on the hills over the private Pacific beach. The pool and accommodations are some of the best in Central America.

 Tour #1 Saturday, December 3        Tour # 2  Tuesday, December 13
  • Breakfast at Hotel Plaza Colon
  • Morning: travel to the the Pacific Coast south of San Juan del Sur to accommodations at la Orquidea Del Sur
  • Lunch at la Orquidea Del Sur
  • Afternoon: relaxation
  • Dinner at la Orquidea Del Sure
  • Evening: relaxation
Tour # 1 Sunday, December 4      Tour # 2   Wednesday, December 14
  • Breakfast at la Orquidea Del Sur
  • Morning: relaxation and travel to the fishing village of San Juan del Sur
  • Lunch in San Juan del Sur
  • Afternoon: Pelican Eyes 4-hour sunset sailing excursion on the Pacific
  • Dinner in San Juan Del Sur or at la Orquidea Del Sur
  • Evening: relaxation

Accommodations: Hotel Villa Paraíso, located on the 4 kilometer Santo Domingo beach which joins the two volcanos that create the island of Ometepe. Private cabanas make the trip comfortable and exciting.

 Tour # 1 Monday, December 5      Tour # 2  Thursday, December 15
  • Breakfast at la Orquidea Del Sur
  • Morning:
    • travel to the port of San Jorge
    • travel by ferry to the volcanic island of Ometepe
    • Ceibo Museum
      • the founder will give us a personal tour of the 1800 pieces in the pre-Columbian museum and the grounds of his family farm
    • travel to Hotel Villa Paraíso
  • Lunch at Hotel Villa Paraíso
  • Afternoon: relaxation
  • Dinner at Hotel Villa Paraíso
  • Evening: relaxation
Tour#1  Tuesday, December 6           Tour # 2   Friday, December 16
  • Breakfast at Hotel Villa Paraíso
  • Morning: travel to the San Ramon Bio Reserve to hike the into the Volcanic rainforest and the 200 ft waterfall in the ravine of the crater. (This is a good hike, but is not overly strenuous. Alternatives are available.)
  • Lunch at the San Ramon Bio Reserve
  • Afternoon: horseback ride or visit to the “Eye of the Water” crystalline mineral water pools
  • Dinner at Hotel Villa Paraíso
  • Evening: relaxation

Accommodations: Hotel Plaza Colon, Granada

Tour #1  Wednesday, December 7          Tour #2  Saturday, December 17 
  • Breakfast at Hotel Villa Paraíso
  • Morning:
    • travel by ferry back to the port of San Jorge
    • travel to San Juan de Oriente
      • visit our pottery friends
      • visit the large artisan market of Masaya where gifts and crafts can be purchased
    • travel back to the hotel in Granada
  • Lunch in San Juan de Oriente or in Granada
  • Afternoon: relaxation at Hotel Plaza Colon
  • Dinner in Granada
  • Evening: relaxation

Travel Home

    Tour #1  Thursday, December 8            Tour #2  Sunday, December 18
    • Breakfast at Hotel Plaza Colon
    • Day: travel to Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport (MGA) and travel home

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    1 Response

    Sally Petty
    Sally Petty

    August 04, 2015

    Paul and Kelia,

    Paul, Kelia will have to tell you who I am…I met her today and I talked with her about how much I loved Granada when I went there two years ago, but Granada and Masaya were all I saw except for a potter, probably in San Juan de Oriente. I loved it all.

    Kelia told me about the December trip you are planning, and I would love to go with you, but I am planning to go to Costa Rica in January to study Spanish for 4 months in Heredia. So I would like to go to Nicaragua with you if you plan a December2016 trip. But in the meantime, I was thinking…..what if you would be in Nicaragua in late January…you see I am taking my niece, her husband and their 11 year old daughter to Costa Rica from Jan 22 to Feb1 to travel, and meet my Tico friends. The traveling will mostly be done on the weekends, and I had wanted to go to either Nicaragua (Granada) or to the province of Limon to Puerto Viejo during the middle of that week.

    So, I’m asking…will you still be in Nicaragua at that time, and if so, would it be possible to do a short, maybe 4 day excursion with you in Grenada, with a trip to an artisan market in the area between Grenada, and Masaya, and maybe dinner in Managua? So first, are you available? If so, would you consider this? I would like them to see the grandeur of Grenada, but not miss Volcan Masaya, and I have never been to Managua…can not wait to hear from you! Sally

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