Luis Enrique Gutierrez - San Juan de Oriente's Finest?

April 26, 2017 1 Comment

Luis Enrique Gutierrez - San Juan de Oriente's Finest?

Luis Enrique Gutierrez was born in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua June 21, 1983. Luis has had the unique benefit of both an ancient cultural heritage and generational family history of pottery making. Luis grew up watching his father Helio Gutierrez create a modern movement on top of the cultural pottery tradition of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua. Helio has learned from pre-Columbian master Gregorio Bracamonte the traditional Nicoyan Indian pottery that Gregorio himself had recaptured.

As a young boy a movement was in place where Helio and Luis’s older brother Miguel were bringing a new modern variety pottery style to the world. Luis spent much of his youth observing and playing baseball and soccer. Early in his teens Luis Enrique became highly skilled in painting and polishing colorful geometric mosaic designs on the stone burnished slip vessels. That initial joy of color and geometry remain one of the hallmarks for Luis’s current work.                                                                                                                                                        Whereas the color and geometry of the modern movement were the initial focus over the years is has spent time and energy both learning and incorporating the traditional pre-Columbian methods into this pottery art. Weather studying and observing Don Gregorio or making his own interpretations of pre-Columbian designs with a modern touch the traditional influences have found their way into Luis’s work.                                                                                                                                                           Starting at the Ann Arbor Art Fair in 2007 Luis Enrique Gutierrez began to exhibit and demonstrate his works around the United States.  Throughout consistent representation of his work around the country Luis Enrique Gutierrez has become the face of the San Juan de Oriente pottery pueblo.

Over the past years Luis Enrique has won dozens of national and international awards including Best in Show at prodigious art shows including:

Bellevue Art Fair, Bellevue, WA

Central Pennsylvania Art Fair, State College, PA

Artisphere, Greenville, SC

A young man with a life time of experience in his craft Luis Enrique Gutierrez is a modern master who’s works are collected for both their cultural and contemporary qualities. His newest work is an exploration of those two sides of his work and the color, geometry and contemporary movement share equal space with cultural motifs, methods and symbolism.                                                                                                                                          Luis enjoys studio time outside of Raleigh, North Carolina as well as working at home in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.                                                                                                              Luis’s page at is his virtual gallery and home.                                                              







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Manuel José Morales
Manuel José Morales

April 27, 2017

Dios bendiga hermano tus manos laboriosas y emprendedoras ; diagnóstico de admirar .

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