NICA Ceramic Arts 2017 Holiday Gift Plans

October 30, 2017

NICA Ceramic Arts 2017 Holiday Gift Plans

On November 7, 2017 I, Paul “The Pot Dealer” Devoti will travel to Nicaragua for four months.  I will be starting construction on a small house in San Juan de Oriente, our   special little pottery village.

NICA Ceramic Arts 

Plans are in place to broadcast directly out of of village all of the cultural pottery gems in all styles and price points.

The goal is to offer our customs access to rare, special, handmade objects for their holiday gift needs while, at the same time, create opportunities for traditional pottery families who have limited access to international markets.  This union should create a Happy Holiday season for all.

There are many logistical challenges in order to get these hand crafted clay objects into the hands of customers all over the country.  We will have two options to ship directly out of Nicaragua and will plan a trip to Miami on December 14 in order to ship all of the remaining items in order to insure that they get to their destination before Christmas day.

In order to update our customers of all the special offerings we will do daily updates on and create a weekly live video discussing and displaying pottery offerings.

Customers will encounter a variety of options in styles ranging from cultural designs, a wide range of ecological pieces to contemporary art pieces that exhibit exciting colors and innovations.

Two special bonuses are being developed to add an additional layer of uniqueness to this special Holiday offer.

  1. A unique postcard with the story of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua pottery and the families who make them.
  2. Access to an online video I will be creating that will give the basics of the heritage and the unique process that these cultural pots go through.

These two bonuses will educate your recipients on the rare cultural and artistic process in their creation.

I am sure that these unique art pieces will create lasting memories and excited reactions during your holiday gifting season.

Additionally, the artisans who make these pieces will benefit from the sales opportunities that will help create joy for their families during their holiday season.

NICA Ceramic Art is excited to take on the challenge to create this unique, cultural bridge during the 2017 Holiday Season.

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