Debut 15 - Diosa de la Noche

* Day & Night *

Diosa de la Noche "Princess of the Night Sky", is a classic design of our indigenous community San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua and the Gran Nicoya culture which thrived here for a thousand years before Columbus.

On this sculpture two versions of the motif are combined.  The painted earth color side burnished into the clay with sgrafitto etched details.  The other half depicts the same cultural motif in a fully etched version in one burnished color. 

The native heart of our indigenous community is wonderfully represented in this sculpture.  The native geometric details along the top are an added touch to this powerful sculpture.

Height 8 inches Width 6 Inches.

My favorite of this sculpture is the local connection to the design work and the cultural power of just native clay color.

Handcrafted signed series of 4

Shipped on or around November 25, 2019 for you Holiday gifting or private collection.

Price includes shipping!:)


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