Debut 15 - Tortuga Sky

* Tortuga Sky *

Thrown earth clay vessel with painted and burnished color.  Tortuga Sky is the ultimate transition between native, traditional etching and brilliant contemporary design and color!

The top half of this sculpture features the "Diosa de la Noche" design, a local Nicoyan Indian motif representing the Princess of the Night Sky.

The bottom half of the Tortuga Sky is the dripping native clay colors with the turtles layered on top and then against after fire acrylic painted back down into the sgrafitto etching.  WOW what a combo.

Height 8 inches Width 6 Inches.

My favorite aspect of this vessel is the incorporation of a more local Nicoyan Indian motif in the design work and the transition between the two distinct styles.

Handcrafted signed series of 4

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