Debut 15 - Turquoise Sea

Turquoise Sea *

Thrown earth clay vessel with painted and burnished color.  The combination of clay, mineral and oxide pigments mixed with stains and slip create a pallet of color no paint the fish and turtle motif in the Turquoise Sea.

Special attention is taken in studying and reproducing the fish and turtle species in this sculpture.  Rare combination of native and innovative technique allow us to paint the burnished clay lake a canvas and then etch back down through the burnished pigment to create texture and museum quality detail.

With no after firing contemporary pigment in the Turquoise Sea sculpture you are receiving this vessel exactly as it appears when it comes out of the adobe brick kiln.

Height 8 inches Width 6 Inches.

My favorite aspect of this vessel is the natural nature of just fired color along with the feel and look of the clay tones and texture exposed by the etched motifs.

Handcrafted signed series of 4


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