Debut 15 - Jade Butterfly Garden

* Jade Butterfly Garden *

Thrown earth clay vessel with combination of stone burnished dripping color technique with blended classic Maya etching.

Jade Butterfly Garden is a blended design that features the two distinct influences in Atlantis Ceramic Art Studio work.  Both the long standing native heritage of our indigenous pueblo community and the exciting, colorful contemporary innovations come together here.

Native motif features high level Maya narrative etching with a crowned leader and a decorated feathered serpent motif.

Contemporary layer of color of the butterfly garden is a burnished dripping mineral pigment with flowers and butterflies painted and burnished on top.  Finely etched detail are then painted again in the etching with festive acrylic color after firing.

Height 8 inches Width 5 Inches.

Exquisit quality, color and stature. 

Handcrafted signed series of 4



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