Luis Enrique - Atlantis - Red Maya Garden

Luis Enrique has been working on the combination of color, contemporary and cultural elements over the past years.

The "Atlantis" series has emerged out of this blending of creative and cultural ideas.

He is the first run of the "Atlantis" concepts that will be further explored in 2019.

Take a look, enjoy.  Consider one of these special sculptures for your collection or that special, one of a kind gifts that make an impact and last for a life time.

This full size Red Maya and Blue Garden motif give the entire surface to develop the design concept.  This is a substantial piece that gives you both sides of Luis's style and will make the impact you are looking for.  Immense value here!

Special note.....I have reduced the price here on the product page so you don't have to type in a coupon code!

H 12 W 8


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