Santiago Gutierrez is considered by most who know his as one of the finest cultural potters working in the world today.

Born in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua in 1984 he grew up cleaning and handing clay to his Grandmother as she coiled large, utilitarian urns.

Santiago returned to his village and pottery craft as a teenager.  He built a relentless work ethic.

Given an opportunity to travel internationally, first to Taiwan, then to the Untied States, Santiago developed a world view to how his art represented his cultural and his village.

Santiago's sculptures combine a a deep rooted, ancient connection to clay and a innate feel and understanding of design and color.  The physical effort, attention to detail and concentration are second to none.

Ceramic art sculptures by Santiago Gutierrez represent a cultural and contemporary excellence and should be collected as the world class sculptures that they are. 

Very excited to present and offer these sculptures to the art and craft loving community! 

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