Atlantis Ceramic Art Studio


The Atlantis Ceramic Art Studio is born out of my 24 years interacting and collaborating with the indigenous potters of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.

In late 2017 I returned to the village to begin building a home on a small plot of land I purchased in the pueblo.  We cleared the area and starting mixing the concrete by hand.  As we poured the foundation of a second floor toward the back end of the property I immediately knew I would be building my own ceramic art studio there.

The Atlantis Ceramic Art Studio is a combination of 2000 years of local cultural heritage and the bold, contemporary design innovations we have blended into the process.

Since arriving in the village as a Peace Corps Volunteer in September 1995 I became immersed in the cultural pottery tradition of the village.  It has taken every step along the way interacting, understanding, representing, designing and selling this special brand of handcraft pottery art to build the knowledge and confidence to create my own design studio.

Operating in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua is a dream and a goal to return to the village to become a leader in the only community I truly feel at home.

The goals and mission are simple but profound:

  • Supply the world with the finest cultural / contemporary ceramic sculpture
  • Make a positive impact on our studio artisans and our native community
  • Educate the world on the rare, native heritage from which our work is born

Directing and designing the Atlantis Ceramic Art process is the pleasure and challenge of a life time.  As we launch this new endeavor we rely on the experience of my 24 years of connecting with collectors and the generational craftsmanship of my artisan partners.

We are Atlantis - Culture - Creativity - Craftsmanship! 

Paul H Devoti