NICA Ceramic Art was born out of the Peace Corps experience of founder Paul H. Devoti in the indigenous pottery pueblo of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.  The mission of NICA Ceramic Art is to expose the world to the ceramic art work of the master artisans of the pueblo as well as the Nicoyan Indian heritage behind their craft. The site is committed to help the ceramics artisans of San Juan de Oriente to showcase their artworks and masterpieces to the whole world through nicaceramicart.com. The premiere ceramic artisans of the pueblo is prominently featured in the site. Every potters have their own story and style that are being shown through their artworks, discover those stories and styles through nicaceramicart.com. You can truly and accurately appreciate these ceramics pieces by knowing the story of the artisan and understanding the cultural history to which these ceramics artisans learned and based their masterpieces. NICA Ceramic Art is also looking to feature more young and promising potters from San Juan de Oriente and to show the whole world the history behind the masterpieces of every ceramics artisans of San Juan de Oriente.


The methods in which NICA Ceramic Art achieves these goals are:

The Artist Exchange Program:  Over the past 12 years, NICA Ceramic Art has sponsored over 40 artisan visits to the North Carolina studio.  The artist exchange program creates an environment for featured artists to live and work in the United States where they can share their unique creations with the art-collecting community.  Visiting artists create their own body of work in a variety of techniques that express both their cultural heritage as well as their creative innovations.

www.nicaceramicart.com: This website showcases broad collections where the work of a number of master artisans of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua are represented.  These collections support the range of technique and artists that make San Juan de Oriente ceramic art one of the finest pottery-producing pueblos in the world.  Whereas the art events feature the work of one visiting artist, the website is a representation of the community as a whole.

The fulfillment of these goals creates positive economic benefits for San Juan de Oriente artisans while opening the collector community to the world-class cultural and contemporary pottery of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.