The Pueblo

San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua is one of the most significant pottery pueblos of all Latin America.  Evidence proves that indigenous cultures have been making pottery in this area of Central America for over 2000 years.  With the clay resource being dug around the village a ceremonial and utilitarian pottery tradition has maintained for 2 millenium.

Today the ceramic artisans are an extension of this ancient heritage.  Whereas many cultural elements have been lost, the pottery tradition has maintained a cultural bond and given the pueblo an identity in which to create a modern movement.

One of the challenges for the community today is building an understanding throughout the international community about their indigenous heritage.  Articulating this ancient cultural heritage is what grows a following and respect amongst the international collecting world.

The Gran Nicoyangeographic zone has been

[caption id="attachment_318" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Artisans of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua"][/caption]

identified has an active area which expand along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  The development of the Island of Ometepe as a cultural treasure chest gives further proof of the area as a significant and important area which has much show as more focus on the area develops.

San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua has both a unique cultural history and contemporary pottery movement which, blended together, create one of the most unique and elegant pottery sculptures in the world today.