Debut 15 - Day & Night

* Day & Night *

Thrown earth clay vessel with painted and burnished color.  Day & Night is a geometrically measured and painted sculpture that features and black motif representing the night time and deep blue waters depicting the day time vibe under the sea.

Great painterly detail in the sea life creatures further enhanced with etched precision and hand painted detail after the fire.  

The dark mineral section of the sculpture reflects the 'electric sea" technique where the acrylic color real pops out off the black burnished background.

The blue water half of the vessel creates a canvas to place detailed, life like creatures that express the colors and vibrancy of the tropics. 

Height 8 inches Width 6 Inches.

My favorite aspect of this vessel is the flow of the resign on this sculpture especially in the movement of the turtles...also the crab adds a real nice touch:)

Handcrafted signed series of 4


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