Debut 15 - The Maya Garden

* The Maya Garden *

Thrown earth clay vessel with painted and burnished color.  The Maya Garden is a union of the culture and contemporary color techniques that make our pottery sculptures unique in the world.

The top half of this sculpture features the dripping flowers created with layers of color and burnished into the clay.  Flowers are painted and polished on top of that "agua" technique and accented with acrylic color after the piece is fired.

The bottom half of the The Maya Garden is fine, native sgrafitto etched design work featuring the classic Feathered Serpent motif along with constellation accents.  Golden hue is added to this section as an after fire touch to create a shimmer and coordination with the contemporary color of the top half Garden.

Height 8 inches Width 6 Inches.

My favorite aspect of this vessel is the layered dripping color of the garden and how it contrasts against the native style etching on the bottom half.

Handcrafted signed series of 4


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