Santiago - Adobe Jar

It's time once again to share rare artistic brilliance of Santiago Gutierrez and his one of a kind etched and painted ceramic vessels.

Important details this is a preview purchase opportunity at a special price, these pieces will ship to you on May 4th, three weeks from the release of this original email.

Santiago and his two man crew have worked tirelessly to produce these spectacular objects in a way to serve the audience of admirers of such rare cultural, artistic work and take care of their families through very challenging times in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.

I have through over 25 years experience working in this special pottery village and been able to secure all of the logistics in order to assure that you will receive the exact piece you purchase in it's pristine condition.

Please order with confidence.....these will go fast.

As always price includes shipping and insurance.



This Adobe Jar Vessel:

Adobe Jar has the native colors and geometrics motifs in a classic combination.

Some deep carved and dimensional work adds depth and complexity to the sculpture.  The wide mouth jar has the geometric patterns reach to the top of the vessel.

Approx Dimensions:   H10 W8 D8

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