Santiago Jade Etched Vessel 4

Group of 4 one of a kind vessels with burnished emerald / jade color with black, red or blue accents.  All have their own form with unique, etching, deep carving, some have raised attachments,  all masterfully executed and museum quality.  Also fully etched to the bottom of the vessel.  Super Fine Santiago Sculptures!  Natively etched color with no after firing acrylic colors added.

Please agree to pay apart the actual shipping charges after the exact cost have been determined.  Thank you!

This price is part of the 24 FLASH sale and will be adjusted afterward. 

Awesome raised stair geometric on this example....

The Santiago FLASH Sale is both an opportunity for Santiago and the fans and collectors of his world class ceramic art while he is starting his summer tour.  On this 24 hour sale we will sell some of his pieces at a reduced price than the in booth price which includes the substantial cost of traveling and participating at the events.  

We will close the FLASH Sale on Tuesday June 13 at midnight.  We will have another sale on Sunday August 6 of any remaining Santiago works, here is a shot at the total lot of new and available sculptures.  We appreciate your support and are always here for any questions you may have.   Saludos, Paul (Paul the Pot Dealer :) )

One of kind vessel by Santiago Gutierrez included in the 24 hour FLASH Sale.....

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