Santiago Radiant Geometric Plaque - Orquídea

Santiago's most recent flat ceramic plaques are a marvel in color and geometric design.

From the hand built nature of the flat forms to the meticulous measured and angled cuts these pieces demonstrate a dedication and concentration on a world class level.

The vibrant contemporary colors impose a dramatic visual experience.  As your eyes move across the piece the angles and therefore the colors change creating a movement of color and pattern.

Always operating at the epitome of craftsmanship Santiago offers you bonafide museum quality objects at amazing value for the time, dedication and masterful touch.

Pieces will be finished with hand crafted wood frame overseen by Santiago and myself.

All in price includes framed sculpture and shipping costs.

These are obviously special sculptures with high collectable value.

Enjoy......let us know if there are any questions.

Dimension of clay plaque 12.5 inches square about 14.5 inches framed. 


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